Lovejunk - Tribulations

This album has a much needed, healthy disregard for the over used reliance of modern 21st century technology. Lovejunk have no desire or necessity to include samplers, use synthesizers, mess around on decks or throw in dance orientated beats to lure in readers of Jockey Slut and people who frequent the Ministry of Sound. "Tribulations" has such unfussy production that the end result is more akin to an above average demo than a professionally recorded album. There's no pretentiousness of self obsessed pomp and circumstance that so many bands have in abundance nowadays.

"Jealous" could almost be Ash when they were a fresh faced trio back in 96 crossed with the angry punk spirit of The Offspring. Lyrically simplistic while the melody is a little too Americanized to sound truly authentic. Despite weak production and an amateur performance it's not a bad song all round. The Ash influence resurfaces again on the track "Marine Boy", an acoustic ballad lacking in originality. We've heard this type of song so often its an effort to listen all the way through to its sorry conclusion.

Much more exciting is "Heard It Before". With its muffled vocals and sheer immediacy this sure has a real sense of urgency. Lovejunk are all about youthful enthusiasm and unbearable teenage angst. They have unbelievably brilliant names too. The bass player answers to the name of Wolfie Retard and the eccentric sounding Scruff Myers is on guitar and vocals. The band have the ability to improve their sound on their second album as "Tribulations" shows plenty of promise and great ideas even if the album is clearly no masterpiece.

Nicholas Paul Godkin