Lowfinger - Who's Got The Biscuits

With so many bands nowadays taking themselves so seriously it's refreshing to discover new talent who relish the opportunity to have fun with their music and enjoy life to the full. Lowfinger's album cover is a c garish, kitsch sci-fi pastiche of a giant robot type woman emerging from the sea. The music too could be the soundtrack to an American movie from the 1950's. Will and Sarah Matthews, Magnus Uwebox, Nobby Bollox and Wally Spangler inhabit the same crazy world as Space Raiders and Bentley Rhythm Ace.

Opening track "Super Finger" has a 70s feel with its novelty synth sound. The Shaun Ryder esque vocals with a distinct EMF flavour make this an enjoyable track. "Idiot Radar" features techno beats, heavy guitars, plenty of scratching and is reminiscent of both Dee-lite and Moloko.

It may only be February but "Airfinger" is a summer hit single if ever I heard one. You want to hear calypso steel drums? The this is the song for you and the chorus rocks. "3 Monkey Soup" has the techno textured blue usually associated with the Brixton band Alabama 3 and has the same pop sensibilities of the B52s. Imagine if you will an even zanier sounding Space with a 60s pop anthem, an extremely catchy chorus and you have recent single "Go Go Me A Big Pop". Elsewhere we get touches of Bootsy Collins ("Thankful"), Jesus Jones ("Doo Doo Voodoo") and acoustica ("Beach Finger").

I loved every track on this impressive, inspired, wacky and entertaining album. Lowfinger may be too off the wall for the more conservative music fan but for those of us who like bands to take risks, experiment and use their imagination then this is an essential purchase.

Nicholas Paul Godkin