Following in the footsteps of Mystique, Lyric look set to be the new faces of UK Garage. The debut single "Perm" is due out later this month featuring remixes by General Levy and you can catch the girls each Saturday Morning as part of the Breakers feature. We caught up with Sindy and Danielle to get on the Lyric vibe.

Q: You met up on the whole "pop-act" audition circuit didn't you?
Sindy: We all bring different things to the group. Alison has had a lot of professional training at Sylvia Young, technically she's excellent. Me & Danielle bring more street cred, were more fresh because we've never had professional dance lessons or singing so its a little more natural. It balances the whole thing out because if Lyric were 3 girls from he street it wouldn't be right and if Lyric were 3 girls from stage school it wouldn't be right.

If you look at us together we all look pretty unusual but together it looks right. I mean i'm Asian but I don't look particularly Asian, Danielle's half Jamaican and half English and Alison her mums from ......and her dads English.

Q: Who was the band or artist that got you into music then?
Danielle: I started singing when I was about 13 and I became profession with it about 3 years ago when I joined Lyric. I just loved Whitney Houston, her songs have always touched me, and also that was when Britney Spears and Cleopatra first came out and I thought if they can do that then I can do that.

Q: The debut single "Perm" is this years "No Scrubs". Tell us more?
Danielle: Its a great track like "No Scrubs" but its not a male bashing thing. Its not negative, its positive!!! Its letting everyone out there know that us girls and girls in general don't want a fling, they want a permanent thing you know.

Q: If you had to describe the sound I guess it would be a cross between Soul & 2-Step garage wouldn't it?
Sindy: I think at the end of the day I'm an individual who likes all different types of music across from pop to Travis and Blur to really R&B and hip-hop. I don't think any of us in Lyric want us to be pigeon holed. I mean we love Garage, its hot and people our age can understand it.

We've got lots of things to offer, lots of different styles. We all write as well. I think garage is good but its very hard to write a garage song. Me & the girls tend to write more in an R&B style but to combine the two is brilliant.

Danielle: All our tracks are very different. We've got R&B, then we've got R&B type pop and then garage and all our tracks are very different from each other. We've done about 40 songs but were only going to be taking about 6 tracks from them for the album, plus were writing at the moment with Simon Perry so hopefully some of own songs will go on the album.

Q: The writing side and having your own input is really important to you isn't it?
Danielle: Its really important. We also choreographed "Perm" and at the moment were choreographing another of our songs called "Magic Carpet Ride". I think writing your own songs and choreographing your own songs is very important because people see you and think they can do that themselves.

Q: This Live & Kicking feature. What's it been like having the camera's following you round all the time?
Danielle: Its been really exciting. The first time I was really shy but you just get used to it after a while. Its a little section called Breakers and what they do is have 3 minutes of an unsigned band and 3 minutes of a signed band and flick in-between the 2.

Q: Finally, he's one of these people you either love him or hate. What do you think of Craig David?
Sindy: I'd love to work with him, I think he's excellent. I feel he's opened the door for us because he was the first person who established that R&B / 2 step flavour with "Fill Me In" and with Artful Dodger "Rewind" and everything. He made it a commercial thing so people weren't afraid of it and people actually really embraced it.

"Perm" is out 20th August on Silent