The hottest clubs, hottest people and hottest styles. Designer Magazine's new section devoted to Manchester Fashion. Each week Krystal Bassett and Gideon Foster will be out capturing the people of Manchester (as well as a few out of town events) and asking the all important questions of what you wearing? whats your style and where do you go?

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(Upper Space, Mint Lounge, Up The Racket @ Retro Bar)

Name: Veronica
From: Sicily
Age: 27
Job: Waitress
Wat u wearin?:
Dress – Thunder Egg [Northern ¼]
Cardigan - 2nd hand shop [Sicily]
Scarf – Market [Covent Garden]
Tights – Market [Italy]
Wer u shoppin?: Northern ¼, Independents, H&M
Wats ur Style?: Street style
Wats ur Sound?: Dubstep, Indie, Kings of Leon, Electro, Caspa & Rusco,  
Digital Mystikz, Subsonica
Wer dya go?: Northern ¼, Odder, The Attic, Jabez Clegg, Warehouse Project

Name: Holly
From: Newcastle
Age: 21
Job: Dancer
Wat u wearin?:
Scarf: Thailand
Tee: Brick Lane
Jeans: mens jeans frm 'SSS'
Sneaks: Nike
Wer u shoppin?: Markets, Camden, Brick Lane
Wats ur Style?: Hip Hop with a funky femnine twist ;)
Wats ur Sound?: DJ Shadow, Dilated Peoples, Dubstep, Hip Hop
Wer dya go?: West Indian centre [Leeds], Subclub

Name: Tom
From: South Manc
Age: 20
Job: Student
Wat u wearin?:
Tee: Bionic 7
Jeans: Topman
Sneaks: Size
Wats ur Style?: Inspired by Wack o Jacko... hmmm ;)
Wats ur Sound?: Techno, Dubstep, Drum n Bass
Wer dya go?: Northern ¼, Odder, Warehouse Project

Name: Jack
From: South Manc
Age: 23
Job: Assistant Director Granada
Wat u wearin?:
Tee: Aphex Twin logo [Mum made it :)]
Jeans: Levis
Sneaks: Puma High Tops
Wats ur Sound?: Rex the Dog, Steve Angelo, Dubstep, Aphex Twin, Mary Anne Hobbs
Wer dya go?: Dry bar, Northern ¼, Odder, Sankeys, Homoelectric

Name: Tom
From: Manc
Age: 19
Job: Student - Graphic Design
Wat u wearin?:
Tee: Vingate [San Fran]
Cardigan: Granny knitted it!
Jeans: American Apparel
Shoes: Vintage [New York]
Wats ur Sound?: Classic Rock, Electralane
Wer dya go?: Retro Bar & Northern ¼

Name: Jade
From: Longsight
Age: 18
Job: Student
Wat u wearin?:
Dress: Skirt worn as dress, The £3 Shop, Afflecks Palace, Northern ¼
Shoes: Peacocks
Accessories: Charity shops, Sparkles & Primark
Wats ur Style?: Audrey Hepburn & Vivienne Westwood
Wats ur Sound?: Pop Levi, Justice, MGMT
Wer dya go?: Up The Racket, Clique, Keys Money Lipstick

Name: Karen
From: Withington
Age: 22
Job: Promotions Saki Bar
Wat u wearin?:
Tee: Home-made 
Shirt: Ryan Vintage
Shoes: 2nd hand shop
Wats ur Style?: Glam & Goth, style icon Twiggy Ramirez
Wer dya go?: Big Hands, Retro Bar & Saki Bar

Name: Pascal
Age: 21
Job: Just work innit!
Wat u wearin?:
Cardigan: Nicked off a girl called Jessy ;)
Jeans: Girls skinnys from Primark
Shoes: Doc Martins frm Vintage Warehouse
Accessories: Girls & Casio watch
Wats ur Style?: Morrissey
Wats ur Sound?: Folk & Blues, Woody Guffrey, Robert Johnson
Wer dya go?: Clique, Star & Garter

Name: Benjamin
From: Liverpool via Withington apparently
Age: 23
Job: Writer – High Voltage
Wat u wearin?:
Tee: H & M
Jacket: Stolen from the floor of the Star & Garter (anyone recognise it?)
Jeans: Girls skinny’s from Primark
Shoes: H&M
Wats ur Style?: Agyness Deyn
Wats ur Sound?: Glass Candy, Metronomy, Pure Reason Revolution, Post Punk
Wer dya go?: Star & Garter

Name: Amy
From: Alty – Living in Brooklyn
Age: 21
Job: Editor for a NY magazine
Wat u wearin?:
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: United Footwear, Oldham St., Northern ¼
Wats ur Style?: VV from The Kills
Wats ur Sound?: Hardcore Punk, The Death Set, Dandeacon, Anal Wall, Team   Yeah
Wer dya go?: Contort Yourself & Sway in the East Village, NY

Name: Faye
From: Prestwich
Age: 18
Job: Student (Art & Design & Fashion Promo)
Wat u wearin?:
Boob tube: Internet – Vintage
Skirt: Ebay
Necklaces: Chanel (found on the floor of Sankeys!), Urban Outfitters
Headscarf: Camden
Wats ur Style?: Pixie Geldof
Wats ur Sound?: Electro
Wer dya go?: Warehouse Project, Sex with Robots, Font

Name: Steph
From: Hyde
Age: 17
Wat u wearin?:
Dress: Oxfam
Accessories: Sparkles & Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Wats ur Style?: Debbie Harry
Wats ur Sound?: Electro & Beyond Plastics
Wer dya go?: Up The Racket, Clique, Keys Money Lipstick, Smile

Name: Ryan
From: Perth
Age: 20
Job: Student – Graphic Design
Wat u wearin?:
Top: Charity Shop
Jeans: Topman
Shoes: Charity Shop
Wats ur Style?: Jim Morrison
Wats ur Sound?: Indie Electro & 60’s
Wer dya go?: Up The Racket



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