Manchester Passion - Albert Square Manchester - 14.4.06

It was a mammoth production bordering on the ridiculous, but it all came together miraculously well and worked seemlessly. The telling of Jesus's last moments through a series of Manchester songs such as "Wonderwall", "Sit Down", "I Am The Resurrection" and gratingly M People's "Search For A Hero" and Robbie Williams "Angels".

While the performances on the whole were flawless, Tim Booth's portrayal of Judas was particularly good, although you almost expected him to start flailing his arms and doing his trademark tantric dancing at any point, and Keith Allen's flippant comedy timing was underpinned by the telling of what it was like to be hung up on the cross brought things back to home. Late addition to the ensemble, Denise Johnson was vocally superb, but let down by a selection of bad material.

Down in the thick of the crowd was the only place really to watch it and moments like a husband and wife arguing whether there was technically any difference between Joy Division or New Order or the Manc who shouted out "Kill the b*stard" at Keith Allen's request of what should be do next when Jesus and Barabas were up on the stand.

It could have only happened in Manchester and here are some of the exclusive shots from Designer Magazine photographer Shirlaine Forrest

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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