Mclusky - The Mill (Preston) - 29.4.04

They're a turbo charged trip based in Wales with a punky attitude and unusually sharp and incisive lyrics and i'm not talking about The Manic Street Preachers. Let me introduce you to Mclusky with a healthy interest in Husker Du, Jesus And The Mary Chain and bad boy of comedy Chris Morriss of The Day Today and Jam fame. The ban are about to release the follow up to their 2002 album "Mclusky Do Dallas" with the endearingly titled "The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not on Fire".

Witty, weird and obscure song titles are sadly a thing of the past. Half Man Half Biscuit were masters of this and they've proudly passed the baton on to Mclusky who are keeping the tradition alive. Stocky front man Andy Falkous on lead vocal and guitar wears his Pixies influences proudly. Copper haired lanky bass player Jon Chapple is on hand for backing vocals while Elvis look a like Jack Egglestone on drums complete the rum looking line-up.

With Mclusky less is indeed more. Their songs are never longer than three minutes long with Falkous' shouty vocal being rather domineering and puts me in mind of John Lydon's vitriolic spite and the forceful nature of Andy Cairns from Therapy. Much more than just another John Peel Top 50 bands, Mclusky are certainly a cut above. The odd technical glitch occurs from time to time, but the die hard fans assembled at the front are enjoying themselves too much to notice. "That Man Will Not Hang", "She Will Only Bring You Happiness", "Alan Is A Cowboy Killer" and "Without MSG I Am Nothing" are all greeted with applause, cheers and gratitude. Mclusky live have me in mind of the Rollins Band and Mogwai. They came and gave everything they had for just under an hour, the beads of sweat dropping off the ceiling was testament to that.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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