Men Women & Children

You've recorded albums with Ross Robinson, toured with the Deftones and were the guitarist of the critically acclaimed hardcore rock band Glassjaw. Perhaps the next logical step wouldn't necessary be a gay disco album but it's what Todd Weinstock has done and it's one of the most life affirming records we've heard since Panic! At The Disco's "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" was released last month. As emo wallows on and on rock bands are becoming more and more conscious that the pop bands they mocked in their formative years (and at times kept hidden in their collection) made much more of an impact than they initially realized, hence the flurry of bands like Head Automatica, Panic! At The Disco and now Men, Women And Children.

"Dance In My Blood" sounds like Gloria Gaynor as chanted by a bunch of lairy lads staggering out of a pub at midnight. Camp would be an understatement as the disco strings soar, the glitter ball twirls and rather than air guitar you end up prancing around the room like you're in flash dance or was that just this writer letting himself go. "Who Found Mr Fabulous?" lives up to it's glorious title with a shimmying Duran Duran electro work-out while "Messy" sounds like Funkadelic re-written by the Killers. "The Name Of The Train Is The Hurricane" bizarrely enough is underpinned by a cheap synth version of Phil Collin's "Invisible Touch" before launching into a Village People routine with the Pet Shop Boys on backing vocals.

Just when you think it can't get anymore ridiculous they head into the closing track on the album "Vowels", a song which makes Scissors Sisters look butch. Despite their history Men Women & Children's debut album leaves rock by the wayside and delivers hi-energy camp pop from beginning to end without a ballad throughout. Get this album now, drop an E and dance around your room with gay abandon

Alex McCann

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