Men Women & Children - Manchester Roadhouse - 10.12.06

Before Men Women & Children have even delivered what will go down in history as one of the Roadhouse's most glamorous camp rock shows they've already managed to dwarf most bands gigs with a special DJ set courtesy of ginger synth production expert Nick Concellor. From Dre to Studio 54, obscure electro cuts and even Shaun Ryder on hormone replacement therapy, it manages to get the emos flicking their fringes and dancing to disco pop electro pop.

Like a rock version of the Village People with 2 parts dandy, buddha on the bass, Freddie Mercury on the kit, ginger haired synth player and big bear on bongos. MWC are distinct characters as the songs are distinct themselves which manage to take in camp disco, funk, crunching guitar riffs and huge stadium rock sized choruses.

By the end of the set we've learnt choreographed dance moves, congaed in a hundred strong crowd round the venue and gone on a dance off against them to end all dance offs (imagine 8 Mile meets Flash Dance). The simple fact is that despite their association with Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, MWC realize that good boys go to the glitter ball in the sky and bad men go to the mosh pit of hell and most of us would rather drop a pill and dance the night away.

After we've heard "Mr Fabulous", "Dance In My Blood" and "Messy" the band announce that they'll be back in February with Forward Russia and it all makes sense. What Forward Russia are to the UK's alternative music scene Men Women & Children are to the US Music Scene only for all that reserved Britishness the yanks naturally do it bigger, brighter and full loaded camp

Alex McCann

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