Misstress Barbara is one of the few female DJ's in the industry but this hasn't stopped her winning over the likes of Carl Cox. Originally playing drums in a classic rock band at the age of 12 Misstress Barbara has sinced changed over to the decks and plays her own distinctive blend of hard-edge house and hard techno. Misstress Barbara is a tale of a successful female in a male dominated industry.

Q: DJ-ing tends to be a very male dominated industry. When you first started out was it hard to be accepted as a female DJ?
A: It is true that it wasn't very easy. People usually thought I would get booked just because I am a female and not because I am good. But I have always blown guys away by the end of my sets and that is how I have earned my respect. So, even if that's how they used to think before hearing me, they would change their minds by the time I would be done playing.

Q: How would you say that starting off as a musician (drummer) and then turning your head to dance music and DJ-ing influenced your sound?
A: This is probably why I play very percussive and harder.

Q: What would you say the Misstress Barbara trademark is? What sets you apart from the other DJ's on the circuit?
A: I am myself all the time. I won't dress up just for gigs as I am always pretty much dressed up. I don't fake smiles if I don't feel like smiling, and when I smile I feel like doing it. I do not fake being stressed, I am stressed. I sometimes could get on someone's nerves so much that I can freak out by being stressed, but I am aware of that and despite that I stay true to myself, as I can't control that stress of mine. Therefore if people don't take me and my stress with a smile they will literally turn crazy! Ha ha..

Q: Your first gig in the UK attracted the legend Carl Cox. How has he helped you though the years and what's the best piece of advice he gave you?
A: Carl has never really given me advice, and although his help has been very indirect it has been fantastic! He speaks highly of me everywhere he goes and that is already a lot of help for me! He trusts that I can speak the rest of the talent just by playing those crazy sets, but he tries to have more people booking me so they can see for themselves. That is great respect and trust!

Q: I believe the future for Misstress Barbara is tracks for Film and Video games. Do you see the future for dance music is a world where it influences our everyday lives from Adverts to Films to video games?
A: I think electronic music is getting much more into video games and tv and films so in a way yes that is probably the future of electronic music. However it is not the only future for that genre of music. It will always be around with DJ's and radio remixes and stuff like that, but it is spreading out to the more main stream side of things fortunately. I say fortunately because I think electronic music is so good that it should not be underground anymore, and it will not be underground anymore in our next generation because if we are growing up with it now then in about 10 years it will just be very present and it won't be that weird thing that our parents don't get!

Q: When can we expect you over in the UK next? Are you down for Homelands or any of the Summer Dance Festivals?
A: I will be playing in Birmingham in May in a club with Carl Cox I think. Also I think I will be part of Gatecrasher this summer, but not sure yet. In regards to Homelands it would be fantastic but I don't know if it will be for this year.

"Relentless Beats Vol 2" is out now on Moonshine
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