MoSolidGold - Manchester Roadhouse - 4.12.00

The setting looks good or bad, depending on your musical outlook, with a huge crowd of 60's retro dudes and dudettes. With previous tour credits including support slots with James Brown and Oasis, you almost feel that success is not just a possibility but a certainty. There's also the "gold" factor, that confidence to align themselves with wealth and riches as if its written in the stars, which has brought us great acts such as Goldblade, Goldfrapp alongside "Gold Against The Soul", "Goldfinger" and Spandau Ballet. Just leave the game show "Going For Gold" out of your mind for the moment.

Having already gained them the tag "best live band in Britain" its time for the boys to hit Manchester for the 2nd time in as many months. After the first 2 numbers it's clear to see why they have the tag "best live band" rather than simply "best band". Frontman K, looking like a macho Mcalmont, dances like one of the true soul stars of the 60's; while the backing band wouldn't look out of place in a Ocean Colour Scene tribute band.

Its not until the 4th song "Come Together" that things fall into place. Like the aforementioned Mcalmont it really is a case of great voice / great frontman and terrible band. The voice is simply amazing, although limited in its range, and makes a refreshing change to the heavy rock scene that I will find myself in for the rest of the month. Its only on the recent single "David Soul" that the band show any potential to make challenge the listener.

Overall a great show if let down somewhat by the quality of the songs ("Volume" and "Kickstart" being particularly bad) . If tonight's show is telling of the album then I really do worry for this bands longevity. K, ditch the backing band, go and find your Bernard Butler and make sweet soul music. We all like a bit of classic song writing, but to be brutally honest half of this set was just taking the piss.

Alex McCann