The Moldy Peaches - Unreleased Cutz & Live Jams

To look at them dressed on stage as fluffy bunnies and Robin Hood you'd have no idea that behind this cuddly facade lies something darker and seedier. It's like when Christina Aguilera first released "Genie In A Bottle" - who could have imagined she would have turned into the drag queen whore she is today. The difference is the Peaches has always been dark and seedy,  you just had to listen carefully to the lyrics and none were more obvious than the singles "Who Got The Crack" and  "Country Fare / Rainbows".

"Unreleased Cutz & Live Jams" is a 55 track present to the Moldy Peaches hard-core featuring classic songs in live format alongside unreleased tracks and cover versions which even the hardened fans will have had trouble tracking down. Each song is dripping with the sort of punch lines which comedians wish they could write and when "Shame" starts off with the line "It's a shame cos she had a real big heart" who could guess that the verse would end with the line "It's a shame she was beaten up by girls just cos she couldn't afford Clearasil". "I Think I'm Love" takes the Peaches into Lo-Fi reggae territory twisting the whole cliched love song on it's head into a kitchen sing drama complete with a rap from MC Crackers aka Adam Green. Of the cover versions they're as varied as the Spin Doctors "Two Princes" through to "I wanna be a hulkamaniac". It's "Rainbows" though that will for me be the quintessential Moldy Peaches moment with the line "The problem with kids today is they're always thinking about getting laid, but they should just play some games like...stick the dick in the hole".

As an intro to the Peaches you're not going to get a more comprehensive one than this and although the quality of the recordings vary significantly over the 2 CD compilation it's clear to see why the band have legions of devotees the world over.

Alex McCann

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