The Moldy Peaches - Manchester Roadhouse - 18.6.02

It's hard to know which is the most perverse. Just over 12 months ago the Moldy Peaches arrived in the UK dressed as Robin Hood and Fluffy Bunny's and sung songs about porn and crack. While over here in the UK Simon Fuller pushes 12 year old kids dressed up in their older sisters crop tops and sing about "Automatic Highs" and "fantaseeeyyysss". What they've both got in common is they're both laughable, perverse and probably the most exciting things to lighten up the rock weeklies and shiny glossy teen mags respectively.

As the band hit the stage in this sold out show at the Roadhouse (a venue which you go to listen to a gig rather than watch it if you're anywhere behind the first two rows) I spy a strange but familiar figure. Sure enough its Frank Spencer in drag with a pink cardigan and matching pink beret and that's just the backing band for starters. Adam Green and Kimya Dawson are of course at the core of the Moldy Peaches and from what I can make out there are Rabbits and there are Robin Hoods - major result!!!

Musically a mix mash of sweet folk music with rock & roll ideology - imagine Belle and Sebastian if you will, expect that the Moldy Peaches were brought up with the teachings of the Church of Satan rather than the Sunday School weekly communion. They're the sort of band you can imagine someone mistakenly booking for a School Feit after seeing a pretty picture in the local rag before realizing that little but too late as they launch into the shouty punk rock of "Who's Got The Crack?". Then of course there's the pornographic lines of "Rainbows" such "Why don't you just play games? Like stick the dick in the hole" - infantile, subversive and rock & roll rebellion.

Alex McCann

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