(The Ting Tings - who Monster music videos worked with as Dear Eskiimo)

Designer Magazine first met Monster Music Videos when they were working with our snapper Karen McBride and the band Dear Eskiimo who you will now know as the Tings Tings. Monster Music Videosí is a new company based in Manchester working closely with emerging bands and labels, their principal aims are to develop exciting visuals that compliment all styles of music, help emerging bands and labels get on the promotional ladder, provide a viable professional North West based production service to the music community.

This year they are filming both the live gigs and seminars at this years In The City for I-Tunes and Coke Music. We caught up with JP from Monster Music to find out their plans for the weekend and what they plan to do after In The City

Q: Firstly we best ask - how did you get involved in this years In The City with Coke Music and I Tunes?

A: We approached the festival itself. I shot some bands at ITC a couple of years ago and found myself the only one shooting it. I kept thinking why isnít this great Manchester event being covered properly? So this year I made sure it was.

Q: How many bands are you aiming to cover over the ITC weekend and what specifically are you looking out for in new bands?

A: We are trying to cover as many as possible, rest assured Iíve been hammering Myspace researching everyone whoís playing. Some fantastic bands are on this year, some are going to be massive in the near future, I would top myself if I missed the opportunity to get them live on tape.

Q: You're also filming the seminars as well...how do you make them as interesting as the bands at night time?
A: Content dear boy, thatís what will make them exciting. There are some interesting topics being discussed and lots of top music industry people are kindly sharing their knowledge with everyone. We will just make sure they are shot professionally.

(Whiskycats music video shoot in action)

Q: You've got a good track record of working with new bands. You've recently done Whiskycats promo video and worked with Dear Eskiimo who people now know as The Ting Tings. How were those experiences?
A: Thatís what Monster Music Videos is all about, working with the best emerging acts from Manchester and the North-West. Iím really happy for ĎThe Ting Tingsí, they are truly fun honest people and deserve all the success their getting at the moment. ĎWhisky Catsí are going to be big, even if itís the fact that there is nothing like them out there at the moment. Oi! Donít forget the fantastic ĎI-Remainí we are doing a second promo for them soon.

Q: I believe Monster Music videos have got two main philosophies - stay northern and concentrate on the music
A: Yes it is a sad fact that bands get signed and head off for the bright lights of old Londinium. Bollocks to that! London does not hold any secrets in making great music promos. Everything bands need is now up North; we should be plowing back money into our great city not giving it to THEM J

First and foremost is the music, everything else is secondary. Everyone at Monster Music Videos is a true music fan. We want to compliment the music with exciting images and take it to another level. Our strengths lie in being creative and loving what we do.

Q: What plans do you have post-in The City?

We are currently in discussions with some of the best new bands coming out of Manchester, people have responded well to what we are trying to do. I canít give you any names but keep watching our website for any announcements.

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