When you choose a name like these guys you've gotta be the real deal. Straight out of Manchester, England these guys are here to tell a different tale - the story of Moss Side from the person on the street. Forget the headlines of "Gunchester", look a little deeper and you'll see the same problems that exist in any inner city area. The Moss-sidaz want to change those headlines into something positive and show that there are kids with talent out there if only they're given the chance. Trouble is the police swarmed the first gig and the second one had to change venue at the last minute due to alleged police pressure put on the promoters.

Q: So what's the vibe with the Moss-sidaz?
A: We are from the streets and we've been shot but this is what its about now - were trying to make a change and making the people think. We aren't making an act when we go up on stage its an emotional experience. How you feel? What you've seen? How you've grown up? And how you translate that on stage to the audience so you can feel what were saying. If you can't hear us ok you'll still be able to understand our emotions.

Q: It's important for you guys to tell the truth isn't it?
A: Exactly, were as real as day!!! And if were not real its fake and we don't deal with fake - fake isn't in our platoon. Whatever we say now its either happened or we've seen it. In our raps you'll feel them more cos' what were saying is about rapists "you should have worn a rubber man" and that in everyday life is what's happening. People catching diseases - you should have worn your rubber man!!! If you read it and study it you can feel us more.

Q: Did you listen to the more political stuff like Public Enemy growing up?
A: Public Enemy, East Coast, West Coast - its just music we listen to and its not about one particular style. Whatever we thinks real and whatever we can relate to - whether its from the west coast or the east coast - we can identify the fake from the realness and were not going to go into names of artists but we can.


Q: Even though you put on a proper show its not just about the gold chains and image is it?
A: Is it 'eck, its about the lyrics. When you come to the show, that is about the performance and we are here to entertain - we wanna give you a good night. We really don't want you to spent your money - £5, £10, £50 whatever - on some guy walking across the stage rapping cos' you can do that in your bedroom.

When you buy the record you'll feel the lyrics deeper. Its not just about "shoot em up, shoot em up, bang bang" cos' if you listen to our lyrics you'll feel what were saying. Its not just about violence, its about the paper and getting your money first. If you're educated you'll get money cos' if your violent now and you've got no money you'll go into jail with no solicitor.

Q: At two different ends of the spectrum they've got you guys and Cleopatra. Is there a hot bed of talent in Moss side?
A: At the end of the day all they show is the negative side of Moss Side - "Gunchester" and all the shooting and that. Its time that they showed that there are guys who are musically talented and footballers and basketball players - but they don't want you to know that. Its all about keeping the stereotypes.

Cleopatra put Moss Side on the map in a positive way and you can't hate them for that. They might fantasize and be unreal about happy times but they've made a change. If they'd have come out flexing "its terrible in the hood" over pop music they'd have got nowhere.

Q: And the political parties mean nothing to you guys?
A: Were representing the truth in the hood - the things people don't want you to hear. The election meant nothing to us - Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats - it don't mean nothing because they won't change nothing for us. They're doing it to better themselves and they'll take care of themselves before they even look at us.

If they wanna send a sniper on us they can because we'd die for what we believe in. They're fixing up the community for the Commonwealth games and that's why the Moss Side community is being developed. Were trying to make the change with this music and get kids doing something cos' we know what they're doing - its for the people driving through from the airport and it gives the impression its all pretty and daisy.

Were trying to make it pretty and daisy for the kids of Moss Side so they got money. You've gotta kill on the mic and get the paper. If there's only negative around you what are you going to grow up to me - negative yourself.

Q: Its all about giving something back isn't it?
A: People are looking up to someone like us. Were the new example. You can look at Trigger and Bishop cos they've made - they've got money and a mercedes - and hooked up Dirts and Dogman. Its not about boom-boom all the time. Don't be a hater, be an innovator!!!!

I'm telling you if I don't do it you can send a hitman to kill us all - when we get money it will go back into the community and that's a fact!!!! If you forget where you're from you ain't going nowhere.

We've got 3 golden rules:
1. Never snitch
2. Don't be a player, be an innovator
3. Never ever, ever put a ho before your homies

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