Motion City Soundtrack - Manchester Academy 2 - 25/09/07

Motion City Soundtracks popularity is undeniable, being one of the few bands to play 2 consecutive nights at Manchester’s Academy 2. Tonight’s show is the latter of the two and was actually announced first, having been rescheduled from June and consequently selling out in record time.

It is clear that the venue tonight is packed full of those early-bird ticket buying hardcore fans as the band hit the stage to a roar of applause. Surprisingly, although the bands latest album has fallen relatively under the radar with regards to TV publicity, the band hit the stage with a track from the new album with the crowd singing along to every line.

Their sound is a unique style of high-energy pop punk and this is elegantly reportrayed in their lively stage presence with a synth player bouncing around like a 5 year old with too many e-numbers in his stomach. Unlike many bands with an over active stage presence Motion City manage to remain perfect on every note amidst their jumps in the air and swings of the guitar.

The bands front man controls the crowd with them captively listening to his every word and upon request theres an incredible show of hands as to who already owns the new album, only 2 days into its release. The band kick into the debut single ‘This if
For Real’ from that latest album and the crowd begin to dance even more.

It is obvious the whole band is enjoying themselves with wall to wall smiles and all their faces and as an obligotary beer cup flies towards the stage the singer acknowledges only with a genuine smile and comments ‘Thanks for the wetness’.

On a further show of hands it appears the majority of the crowd have already seen the band before. Debut album track ‘My Favourite Accident’ creates the first large circle pit of the evening resulting in a girl leaving with a bloody face.

The band finish on a track from their second album, ‘Everything Is Alright’ which is an obvious crowd pleaser resulting in wall to wall rocking and possibly the largest mosh pit the Academy 2 has ever seen. All this from a pop punk band? It is Motion City Soundtracks amazing ability to create such high energy music that leaves even the non-fan tapping their toes and fighting the urge to air drum.

After leaving the stage the band promptly return for an encore of early album tracks ‘Attractive Today’ and ‘The Future freaks me out’ with the crowd managing to maintain their energy for one last large scale mosh.

Mark Forrer

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