Motley Crue - MEN Arena - 15.6.05

When it comes to debauched rock n roll, Motley Crue wrote the rule book. OD's, tales of women chained up in cages backstage and inter-band fighting that makes Pete & Carl Libertine look like a playground bitch fight. It was the sort of misogynistic hair metal that Nirvana set out to destroy, but with bands like The Darkness, The Glitterati and The Ga Ga's, Motley Crue's comeback couldn't have been timed better.

After a frankly embarrassing set from Killing Joke, a flood of denim and leather make their way to the front of the arena. For some they were there first time round, for others they've heard about the legend that was and tired of nu-metal and emo they want to experience sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Throngs of teenage boys dress up in ripped jeans, home made T's and mullets like Motley Crue Juniors.

A Team America style animated feature offers a self depreciating look at the bands career - essentially tits, drugs and yet more tits - before the band explode on stage with a pyrotechnics show which competes with Rammstein. Strippers prowl the stage, lavisciously lessing up for the crowd before pole dancing. If it wasn't so white trash already, dwarfs join them on stage, juggling, unicycling and fire breathing.

The music gets lost in the fanfare, but the hits "Girls Girls Girls", "Wild Side" and "Piece Of Your Action" are rock classics that stand the test of time. Whether they can release an album of new original material remains to be seen as "If I Die Tomorrow", a Simple Plan reject song, leaves little to be desired.

Some people may bemoan the more chauvinistic aspects of the show, such as Tommy Lee's titty cam, but it's all in the name of fun and people know what to expect from Motley Crue. If we didn't have the tits and dwarfs we'd go home disappointed. Rock n roll still lives on!!!

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Karen McBride


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