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When we first interviewed the Murderdolls last September nobody could have imagined they'd go onto have the level of success they have done. With a cover of Billy Idols "White Wedding" (backed with live favourites "I Love To Say F**K" and "I Take Drugs") set to be their biggest hit to date the band will bow out for a year to allow Joey to head back to the Slipknot fold. Designer Magazine caught up with frontman Wednesday to find out what he's going to be doing over the next year and what we can expect from the second Murderdolls album.

Q: You've just spend the past month or so on the road with Iron Maiden. How did the Maiden fans react to the the Murderdolls experience?
A:  It's been a great experience, every night we've been playing to no less than 10,000 people and the only problem was we had about 2 fans of those 10,000. We were there just going out for blood and trying to make new fans - a majority of those people did like us and the other part hated our guts and just wanted to see Iron Maiden. So to actually get back to the UK where it's our people who know everything about us. Even through were from America, the UK is our f**king home and that's where all our fans our at.

Q: This Murderdolls / Stone Sour tour is the last blast before Joey and Corey head back to Slipknot. How does it feel to know that in just a few days you'll be taking an 12 month break?
A: To be honest with you there's so much stuff i'm gonna do. I'm interested in producing a couple of bands or even singing on some people's albums. I'm not going to do any other band or any other project, but I am considering on singing on some friends albums. And in the meantime when Joey has some time off were going to go back in the studio to track some new songs and we've just got added to the "Freddy And Jason" Soundtrack and there's a new track on there. So it will still be active.

But for me I don't want to tour, i've been touring all year. I wanna get home and sit on my ass and see my family because I haven't seen them for a year. I just wanna get home and appreciate what I've had the opportunity to do. I've been around the world 4 times and it's just been an unbelievable ride for us.
If you look at any bands. I always compare us to Kiss and Alice Cooper, not that we've had the success or whatever of any of those bands, those bands never stopped. There was such a demand that they constantly kept touring and they never stepped back from their success.

Q: Going back to what you were saying earlier about producing a few bands. Is there anyone you have in mind?
A: There's a couple of bands, but I haven't really decided yet. I love playing music and I hear bands and think they would be great if they changed this one little thing. It's all about attitude for me, the way you carry yourself. There's a couple of bands I've seen around over the years that I think they're really good, they just need a little something and I might approach them about doing that so I'm still active musically.

I used to have the whole Ed Wood approach to music. When I was in my band I was like "f**k it, one take is good enough" and working with Joey and producers. Just going in and singing one track to a song and someone saying "that sucks, go and do it again" - I was so use to being my own critic and having people pushing me I feel i'm a better musician for it.

Q: As you said you've never wanted to go out and do a solo record, you put everything into the Murderdolls?
A: There's no time man, I don't want start all over again. If I did anything solo wise it would be an ambient weird instrumental soundtrack and that would be awesome because it would be nothing to compare to the Murderdolls. But as far as putting another band together, I've put everything i've got into the Murderdolls and I don't want to take anything away from it.

Q: You've got "White Wedding" released this week and in terms of what I can see on the Rock Channels it does seem to be making an impact. Is this a worry that you're stepping back at the pinnacle of your success so far?
A: We didn't really have it planned, that song just came out of the blue. Me and Joey were just talking about cover songs and it was like "Lets do a Sex Pistols song, Alice Cooper song" and we could do that and do it good but people would expect that of us. I had the idea of doing "White Wedding" because I used to do it with one of my older bands and Joey took it and did his own thing with it. It's a good thing to end this record on - just go out with a band rather than fizzle out. Were also re-releasing the album with all the B-sides and the videos and it was just a really cool idea.

Q: Are the songs actually ready for the album now or are you taking the year writing?
A: I wrote a lot of stuff when we went home after Australia, I got about four or five songs out of that and considering we had another six before that and Joey's got other songs so I'm hoping to have 20 or 30 songs for the next record. When we did the album before it was just Joey and I, but this time it will be a band thing and I think it will be a way better thing. I can't give any titles out now because there still working demo's, but it's the same thing we've always done.

Q: In terms of the second album and your image our you going to tweak it slightly?
A: We like to keep people on their toes and do different things. As far as toning it down, that will never happen. The Red and Black is our thing now and getting out of that is just not going to be possible, were not going for blue and yellow and were not going for yellow and black.

"White Wedding" is out now on Roadrunner Records
The album is re-released with B-sides, videos and rarities on July 21st
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