When it comes ot music festivals we have one big problem - we cant't stand camping, we can't stand rain and the toilets make our established venues toilets look like the Hilton.

Napa Live kind of solves all of that by doing away with all the horrid aspects you'd associate with a festival, by putting it on a sunshine island and putting the bands indoors. Imagine if you will Ibiza Rocks but in Ayia Napa with a line up that for its inaugural year has a distinctly Mancunian flavour with the likes of The Charlatans, The Courteeners, Twisted Wheel being joined by honourary mancs The Twang. The sole representative of London so far is London Guns (Adam Fieck of Babyshambles and Gary Powell of the Libertines) who are delivering a DJ set on the opening night of the festival so far.

The Festival takes place between June 14th-June 18th which means the audience will very much be adult with GCSES / A Levels in full swing which means they avoid all the usual trappings of say Leeds / Reading Festival where its full of drunk 15yr old throwing up around you.

Designer Magazine haven't been to Ayia Napa since the whole scene blew up years ago with UK Garage taking over, but before then it was an idyllic party resort with glorious beaches, great restaurants serving up local dish Moussaka and everything that you could want in a holiday. The fact that the festival and gigs themselves don't start to approximately 10 or 11 at night means you can experience all you'd want to on a great Summer holiday and then instead of heading off to some cheesy club you get to witness some of our most established bands

All the gigs take place in the 1200 capacity Napa Forum (Manchester folks - this is about halfway between Academy 2 and Academy 1 size venue) with special guests set to be announced for Tuesday 14th June at the Live Lounge Club. Last year the venue hosted a special intimate gig by Kids In Glass Houses so we're hoping the special guests will add something new to the festival line up

Tickets are on sale now for £69 for the full festival

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