Natalie Findlay - Ruby Lounge Manchester - 18.3.09

The intention of Liam Frost was to allow glare from his high profile to cast a light on some of the upcoming talents currently emerging from the clubs of Manchester.   This exposure has not been confined to a particular style, but revels in diversity whilst maintaining the quality level and one act that will certainly benefit is Natalie Findlay,

As the two male acoustic guitarists sat either side of the stage strike up the first tune, Natalie emerges from the wings, take centre stage and proceeds to demonstrate a vocal strength that belies her slight frame.    The power generated makes you wonder if she actually needs a microphone especially when she holds it so far away from her mouth to stop it overloading.

But if she didn’t have the mic cord, or something to play with, wrap around, or loop between her wrists, you get the impression that she would not be able to talk, never mind sing.

Luckily the glasses in the Ruby Lounge are of the plastic type, for it seems she could quite easily shatter one when she reaches the higher notes

Comfortable in the environment, she banters well with the crowd between number, but only occasionally remembers to relay the title of her songs.   Some of her “dance songs” are vaguely reminiscent of the 30’s type “flappers”, a style of dancing associated with the Charleston dance etc.

The effort is totally committed, and you wonder how her voice would stand up to the punishment of an intensive round of gigging.  The practical approach would be to limit the gigs and keep the quality level high.  If that’s the case, then catch her while you can before she inevitably moves on to the next level

Touchingly, she never mentions her name throughout the set, but does thank the guitarists, Chris & Dougal, before she nips off the stage, slips on her shoes and scuttles out for a crafty fag

The final gig in Liam’s residency is Wed 25/3/9

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