Natalie M King - Milagro

Prolific singer songwriter Natalie M King is an African-American by birth, but i now a resident of Paris. She's been compared to Jeff Buckley and one of her heroes is the popular Ben Harper. Using sparse instrumentation of both acoustic and electric guitars, King is joined occasionally by Etienne Bonhoranne on drums.

While the first couple of tracks are low key, third song "You Are My Song" is a rollicking, bluesy ballsy little number. which show off Natalie's impressive range. While title track "Milagro" is full of Eastern promise at the beginning with tribal caterwauling, before changing direction completely with an acoustic rhythmic backing played and sung with utter conviction.

Imaging Tracy Chapman changing direction to world music and you'll have an inkling of what Natalie M King is about. This collection of songs are full of spirituality, warmth, love and heart. "On The Inside" is nearly ten minutes long and with its serious muso leanings this really needs your full and undivided attention as disposable three minute pop songs this is not. Instead sit back, relax and absorb yourself in the unique talent that is Natalie M King.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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