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Aussie rockers Neon have a really, really tough task ahead. With the album having been delayed several times due to the lack of a decent tour, and with the recent emergence of boy/girl indie-rock combo, The Subways, a band similar in style and image that have set 2005 on fire, it’s going to be a tough few months. I interviewed the band several months ago before a storming gig at our very own Roadhouse, and they knew the difficulty of the task in hand. With no release date as yet confirmed for the album, I managed to pull a few strings to track down a CDR, in the hope of establishing just why V2 aren’t putting it out.

Live, they were a phenomenal experience, blowing the roof off the Roadhouse, so does the CD cut it? Abso-bloody-lutely it does. It’s like the Subways on acid, with a hint of Nirvana, the electricity of Motorhead and the sheer rock bloody-mindedness of Whitesnake. Young they may be, but their talents run deep.

In parts heavy, in parts acoustic, Neon drifts through your speakers like a timeless classic, inspiring you to move parts of your body normally reserved only for sitting down. They are as ‘rock ‘n’ roll’ as they come, but the album also displays a subtlety that few could guess at. Into Your Eyes is a cracking tune, as it A Man, but the ebb and flow of this album could blow the socks off most critics and fans with ease. At times singer Josh’s voice cracks into something flitting between Lennon and Cobain, at other times his own raw energy shines through. Incredible drumming, driving bass and compact musical brilliance are the keys, however, in the making of what could well become a cult record.

So, the latest release date for this awesome album yet again being quashed, we wonder how much ‘office politics’ have to do with the battle. We have our opinions, and we hope that you can have yours.

Our advice is to visit:, listen to the tracks for yourselves and join the mailing list to show your support- we fear that only a demanding fan reaction can get this out to the masses, so it may well be worth a shot!

Matt Barnes

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