Nerina Pallot - Fires - 17.04.06

The epitome of independent music making, Nerina Pallot re-releases this offering on 14th Floor Records, after self-releasing it with the success of reaching the top ten on iTunes. Such was the impact that her thoughtful and slightly wallowing contemplation made on attendees at gigs of Ray Lamontagne, Joseph Arthur and Sheryl Crow, the capacity is now here for her to reach the audience this release deserves. The lamentation of reaching the end of your tether ‘Damsacus’, shows the journeying nature of this London born lass and invites you along for a melodious ride. A lush, wandering piano element elevates the unsettled and romanticising ‘Idaho’ that displays sharp self defiance, running off from the artist’s Bjork accompanied by Carole King vocal base. It is no surprise that this number is Nerina’s self professed ‘Manifesto’ song, as it shows personal strength and searching emotion.

‘Geek Love’ is an alternative romantic song that builds around crashing piano’s and Nerina’s nifty narrative style. Displaying the authoritative skill of Dostoevsky, she places you inside a tale of proud, shameless love. The soft dedicative lullaby styled number ‘Mr. King’ is a delectable piece that brings back your faith in humanity. This subtle songstress weaves her soft voice around a strolling accompaniment to recall an inspirational person. ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’ is the most piercing Nerina gets, by personalising the objects of war and pleading for humanity. Honesty and craft bind this album together to make it refreshing and thought provoking.

David Adair

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