New Found Glory - MEN Arena - 28.1.05

It's say a lot for New Found Glory's popularity that when they arrive as support to Green Day the arena is virtually full.

A very energetic 6 piece pop punk band from Florida, their album "Catalyst" has spurned 2 singles including their latest "I Don't Wanna Know". A live DVD called "This Disaster" pays witness to the full on NFG live experience.

For some unfathomable reason the band includes a keyboard player that fails to be heard throughout their brief, but entertaining set. That said it could be due to the sound problems that has the guitars and drums drowning out the vocals. These tattooed Floridans are one dimensional and come across like a heavier, but less sophisticated Offspring. Never the less New Found Glory put on a storming rock n roll show with audience involvement a serious must. The crowd love 'em to bits which spurs NFG on even more.

"Dressed To Kill" is typical of their material - packed with heavy guitars, thunderous drumming, melodic choruses and frat boy mentality in the lyrics and vocal. They even invite a gigantic circle pit much to the annoyance of the burly bouncers. No rock cliché goes unnoticed as the fans are instructed to hold their lighters in the air on one of the bands less raucous songs. It's looks strangely beautiful in a rare moment of calm in an otherwise bombastic performance.

Whether you like New Found Glory or not it's hard not to admire their dedication to the fans. They may lack the social conscience of the headliners Green Day, but to paraphrase the home-grown philosophy of Shameless's Frank Gallagher - they know how to throw a party!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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