Nine Black Alps - Manchester Star & Garter - 13.6.05

It was a raucous, vibrant & intense affair.  Welcome to the album launch party for the Nine Black Alps.

The invite only event at the Start & Garter was packed to the brim with followers who have seen band progress from playing the room downstairs as part of an open mic night, to being touted as the "Next Big Thing" in a short space of time.  So high is the expectation, that the rumour mill was in full flow with whispers that fellow label mate, Bono, in town for his own low-key affair, was to pop in later.  Never let the truth get in the way of a good rumour eh!

Now fully recovered from the mumps, Sam Forrest a appears mixture of bemused embarrassment at the genuine warmth and affection exuded from the crowd, whilst also appearing to be relishing the fervent support that their live shows have accrued

From start to finish, the pace was relentless; with the screamed vocals of Forrest emerging above the frenetic guitar work, confirming that his recovery from mumps is complete

The party atmosphere was prevalent as the moshing and stage diving continued until the final guitar string was snapped.

"It's all about the balloons" joked Forrest as the decorations were ripped from the wall and flocked onto the stage.  It's more about potential, and this lot have it in buckets

The band have tapped into a vein of seething energy and angst at the right time, with their rock, grunge type being exactly what the crowd want

From where they are, things can only go up

Ged Camera

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