Nylon Pylon - Manchester Roadhouse - 11.2.01

Their name could come out of the Magic Roundabout or some other drug addled 70s Kids TV show and its apt because Nylon Pylon recreate that same euphoric high. Fresh from signing their deal with London Records the boys are back on home turf for a celebration with the local folk which includes the likes of Alpinestars and a pretty boy actor from Hollyoaks. Most of you know the tale but to fill in those in hibernation for the past 12 months the basic tale is Stubbsy famed for his funky bass playing with the Clint Boon Experience went off in search of 3 soul mates and just happened to form Manchester's finest band since Oasis.

Building the bridge between dance music and classic rock & roll, a collision between Kraftwerk and Oasis with the up to date banging sounds of techno thrown in to make it all relevant. Its perhaps inappropriate that the band are stuck in the Roadhouse as support to admittedly fantastic headliners the Faint, but if you recall the classic set they dropped at Castefield in the summer of 2001 you'll understand what I mean. These guys should be, and have the potential if the record label get 110% behind them, to be selling out the Arena or flying in by helicopter for an exclusive live performance for the Ibiza massive.

I could go on and on describing why Nylon Pylon are the only band worth caring about this year, but then a little would be lost in the translation. You really have got to check it out for yourself to savour the full effect of the Pylon!!!

Alex McCann

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