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As One Minute Silence arrived in Manchester for the interview with our Designer Magazine correspondent they made one thing clear- what's going on in the world makes the band not worth talking about. With Bush & Blair determined to push for this war despite the fact that the people they represent (I.e. you the reader) are firmly against any prospect of war, we decided to look at the issue of the war itself and the issues surrounding it including the Joint Vision 2020, the Free Market Economy and the British Empire. What follows below is a transcript of OMS's Eddie Stratton and Glen Diani's ideas on the subject.

Eddie: Most of the year we were concentrating on what was happening in the world, rather than what was happening in the band. We were going to rehearsal and writing stuff and the world is f**king going mad around us. The scale of our band compared to what is going on in the world makes it not worth talking about because you've got these egomaniac murderers who are using any opportunity and pretext they can to claw our liberties away from us and to drop bombs on people in other countries and to maximize their f**king shareholds and dividends.

Since September 11th 2001 we've got this nightmare scenario which is exactly how we predicted it would be even before Bush stole the election. And we've got the Blair character representing the corporate elite on behalf of George Bush and his corporate elite who run his public government. People are going "we don't agree with this" or "we don't like this, but what can we do". It's just nuts because we don't realize what power we've got. We all agree that these people are nut cases and they will destroy the planet - it's not a f**king secret

Glen: Tony Blair says he hasn't got enough money to pay the Firemen...yet he's prepared to go to war costing us billions of pounds of the tax payers money. None of us want that. But he's spending your f**king money.

Glen: America has something called Joint Vision 2020. The new economic system coming into power which has now been moved forward to 2015. We will not have planet. They estimate 3 billion people dying because of this economic system, yet the mainstream news have not covered one bit of it. Not one of them has actually even mentioned it, never mind address it...

Eddie: is not a secret. You know, the American Military Planners are saying that by 2015 they expect to achieve, and this is the quote that they use - "full spectrum dominance". That is across the full spectrum and they outline that this is not only military, but also economic and ideological - That's world-wide!!!

Somebody is going to be dominated. Who's that going to be? Well if were not in the US Military or the US Elite it's going to be us. Do you want to be under a dominion or Imperial waste disposal shit? Do you want to be flushed away? Because if you're not proper in the Pentagon, Whitehouse or the Fortune 500 you are less than relevant. Nobody is looking after you. Already students are paying 5 figure sums back when they leave college. Already people are waiting on half a decade waiting list to get something fairly routine seen to in their body. That is going to disappear - if you don't make a profit directly for the Fortune 500 you are f**ked and if you think that is empty sloganeering come and prove it to me!!!

Glen: I would love for somebody to go actually you are wrong and the planet is fine. Let me go an sit under a palm tree and smoke myself stupid because the planet is ok. I have a 7 month year old son and I have to bring him into this mess. I have to wait 9 hours now in a a few years there won't even be a hospital for him to wait. I'm not part of the elite, I don't have money for him to go private, he will f**king die!!!

Glen: Even your parents, your parents parents, that went to war to fight for our freedoms and our democracy's are living in shitty council flats with no heating and all we give them is a f**king bugle and a drum each year - what a f**king insult!!! I'm sure all the veterans are delighted at their 2 minutes and their f**king heatless flat. I watched Remembrance day last year when we were up in Leeds and after they had been patronized by a bugle and a drum I saw them struggle walking home in the cold. They didn't even have the nerve to get a shitty run down bus to take them home.

And if they don't give a shit about the people directly fighting for their own profits and benefits do you think they give a shit about you. The British People believe they have a British Empire - name me one town or city in England and i'll show you the British Empire. They have High Risers and shitty little ghetto's with sprayed graffitti...and if you go to the places that are so uninspiring that I would throw litter on the floor. I'm actually surprised they don't go out in the streets and kill the lot of us because if someone puts my kid in a High Riser I will be ready to kill!!!

Eddie: If you wouldn't go to Moss Side to relax, why should you make any f**ker live there? That's the kind of shit people are living in and these are our freedoms, this our democracy, our much vaunted Great Britain. Sorry, I'm not going to Moss Side to relax, I'm not going to Hackney to relax, I don't want to go home to Leighton to relax!!!

This is the reality. You are, under the current order, as valuable as you can make a profit for the man. We know that this is true and we know that our representatives represent the man and not us. I don't want to live in a world where you are only as valuable as the profit you make for the boss. I want to live in a world where you are valuable because you are human being.

As soon as anybody says "Don't Attack Iraq" or anything to do with Institutionalized Racism or anything to do with the shit that poisons our world. As soon as anybody speaks out they're some Beatnik Hippy or Empty Sloganeers. I'm changing the record when the world is a nice place to live - until then the fight is f**king on!!! I don't want to be Noam Chomsky, but I read his work. I don't want to be Martin Luther King, but I respect what he says. I don't want to be Malcolm X, but I like what he says. The fact is that i've always been saying it too because I think it's wrong to force people to live in no house - that isn't Malcolm X copyright - you're just pointing out stuff that is wrong!!!

Eddie: What's all this Free Market Competition about? That they don't have to compete. You've got Bangladeshi communities, black communities and white communities and they're all bitching about "they get the grants and they get the loans with these limited resources" and the fact is they got to compete for all this shit. It's divide and rule at it's most cynical level. But the guys at the top - oh, you're struggling - here's a few billions pounds!!!

There's no competition at the top. It's only with us, the dog eat dog shit that were fed by our corporate pay masters who don't have to do the dog eat dog shit. It's hypocrisy from start to finish.

Glen: How come we've got all these enemies that our tax money funded. I don't want to make you feel bad, but I contributed to that too because I didn't stop my tax money going to arm Saddam Hussein. My tax money went there. Guess what? My tax money went to train Osama Bin Laden. Our apathy is responsible is for that as well.

Glen: All we know about Hitler was he gassed Jews, we don't know none of his policies and it's the same with Churchill. When somebody actually says Tony Blair has identical policies and George Bush has identical policies they don't know because they're not gassing jews. People go "That's ridiculous. What do you mean we have a Nazi in the house of commons?" No we do have a Nazi - it's identical. It's Corparatism.

Eddie: That's what Mussolini called Fascism. He said "Fascism is incorrectly named. In actuality Fascism is a merger of state and corporation and it should be called Corparatism". What have we got today? We have got a merger of state and corporation because we know that Blair works for the corporation.

Eddie: The information that we have got is not secret. It is available, it's not just in the f**king tabloids. If you rely on the BBC "Whore" News and on the Tabloid Whores, and i'm even including Independent, The Observer and The Guardian - these so called left-wing newspapers. If you rely on those whores for your information then you're lost. The information is out there provided you read things like "books". I don't know if people remember books anymore, but we used to read them once. We used to read information that instructed us and educated us about this great world we live.

Glen: Sir Trevor McDonald - the only reason that he's a sir is because he is recognized by them and because he protects their interests. When Trevor McDonald tells you that law and order has been restored after the rioting he means the rich are still rich and you are still f**ked.

Eddie: And by the way that is not a secret either. The fact that Winston Churchill defined law and order, and this is directly from Winston Churchill's own book, he defined law and order as "the wealthy safe on their estates". That's the definition of law and order according to our Greatest British Hero - Winston "F**king Murdering C**t" Churchill. That's not a f**king secret. Why don't people know this shit? Why don't people know our Greatest Hero wanted to kill a quarter of a million handicapped people - he suggested we euthanise "250,000 useless eaters" back in 1910. That is not printed anywhere, but Churchill who fought the great fight is in all our f**king schools.

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