Oasis / The Redwalls / The Subways / The Bees / Doves
City Of Manchester Stadium - 03/07.05

Revered and established acts such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Richard Ashcroft have failed to use their character and music, in order to shield themselves from the boos and jeers of anxious Oasis devotees. However, tonight the self belief and varying nature of Chicago’s The Redwalls, who with the aid of Logan Barren’s powerful Kelly Jones type vocals, serenaded surprisingly intrigued and patient gatherers.

Tracks from the dark horse album of 2005; ‘De Nova’ were paraded with aplomb, including the powerful opener; ‘Robinson Crusue’ that had a true rock and roll friendly feel, but was then juxtaposed by the slower and more thought provoking 'Thank You'. A sparkling set that consisted of the right amount of rhythm and rawness culminated in a The Phonics-esque romp entitled ‘Falling Down’.

The Subways and then The Bees followed with both sets reaching their peak at the average mark. Jimi Goodwin led the Doves and the crowd on a merry dance that kicked of with the corking ‘Pounding’ that led into the mundane, yet brilliantly melodic ‘Black and White Town’. The main man was in good spirits, as the Man City die hard taunted people in the second row, cheekily admonishing them and requesting that they “get out of my seat". ‘There Goes the Fear’ concluded matters and is a song must go through the mind of fellow City supporters every time they go through the turnstiles.

Oasis came on and they were; well everything you would expect from Oasis, if you love them then they were amazing and well worth the money. If you thought that they have been using the lunch ticket of ‘Definitely Maybe’ for way too long; then you were bored. The latter people were forced to recall the time that they sounded as fresh as The Redwalls and still had the belief and imagination of Doves. On the whole, there was something here for everyone today.

Words: David Adair
Photo: Karen McBride www.karenmcbride.com

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