Unless you were living on a diet of rice and purified rice in your basement waiting for the so called Dirty Bombs from Saddam, you'll have no doubt already heard Ok Go's single "Get Over It" on a radio station near you. The Chicago four piece were recently on tour with The Donnas in the US before flying over to the UK for for some dates in March. Since forming in 1999, OK GO had a fine reputation in America as an unbeatable live act. The band are influenced by The Pixies at their poppiest, have the best elements of the Cars, Elliot Smith and posses lyrics, sarcasm and wit that rival Weezer at their most razor sharp.

The spiky guitars and unique vocal technique of frontman Damian Kulash offer "Don't Ask" a summery sound although the bitter, cynical lyrics give it attitude wrapped up very neatly in a catchy pop song. "What To Do" is a change of pace for OK GO with a more reflective undertone. The harmonies are Beach Boysesque and has the feel of the 70s rock of Hall And Oates, but obviously with a contemporary feel. "Shortly Before The End" is another slowie, a cigarette lighters in the air moment at their concerts no doubt. The vocals sound a lot more restrained and the overall effect is a very atmospheric, rather romantic in fact, displaying OK GO's sensitive side. The glam rock drumming on "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips" introduces us to another helping of throwaway pop with an edge. The keyboard flourishes are wonderful, but the track veers a little bit too much in the direction of the loathsome Wheatus to really charm me though.

OK Go prove that rock'n'roll can be fun without that frat boy, infantile behaviour favoured by The Bloodhound Gang and Blink 182 yet still don't take themselves too seriously. Like Hot Hot Heat and Star Spangles, OK Go have taken the rock'n'roll blue print and re-written it for a whole new generation using the past for inspiration and somehow making it sound fresh, exciting and original.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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