Phoenix Nights
Jumping On The Bandwagon Tour
Archie Kelly / Steve Edge / Paddy McGuinness

When the North West Comedy Awards got announced a few months ago there were only 3 candidates who could ever fill the roll of presenters and that was Archie Kelly, Steve Edge and Paddy McGuinness from the Jumping On The Bandwagon Tour and Phoenix Nights. Phoenix Nights was the show that not only brought us Peter Kay and Dave Spikey, but in it's own way gave rebirth to the Manchester Comedy Scene and is probably inspiring hundreds of bedroom comedians to tighten up their act before braving the tough world of stand-up. Designer Magazine caught up with Archie, Steve and Paddy for a quick chat prior to them taking the stage at the NW Comedy Awards

Q: You're presenting The North West Comedy Awards later tonight. It's about time we had an awards show which showcased the talent up in the region. After the likes of City Life Comedian of the Year have been profiling up and coming talent for the past few years, it's about time we had a show which showcased the real success stories?
Paddy: I think what happens a lot of the time when you watch the Comedy Awards on TV is everything is set down in London and there's a lot of sway towards London. But we've got this one this year. Now there might not be another because we're hosting it....

Archie:, Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood are hosting it next year apparently. I think it's a nice idea to give something to the comedians up here, but are we nominated for anything? The On The Bandwagon Tour never got shortlisted even though we did a sell out tour and we're doing another tour which is selling out it didn't hold any sway with the judges. But we're not bitter are we.

Steve:  Just put that in - WE'RE NOT BITTER - that's the bit you can put as the headline. We're not bitter, just like the Murphys

Q: And the reason you but the On The Bandwagon Tour together was because every week at the Comedy Store it would be stars of Phoenix Nights billed together
Archie: Yeah, that's it. Everyone was making money out of us and to be honest with you before Jumping On The Bandwagon there was only Paddy making any money out of us. So we decided we would tour to get a pound behind him, which has always been my dream. The money he's got, yer know what I mean (all laugh)

Q: So is there an On The Bandwagon DVD in the pipeline?
Paddy: No, we've been asked but we're not gonna do that. Once you've got a DVD you spoil it for anyone who wants to go and see you live

Archie: Once we've done our four jokes on DVD that's the end of our careers really. We could put the other 2 on as extra features with directors commentary: The reason this one didn't get a laugh is because the audience are thick

Q: I guess there's a friendly rivalry between the four (including Janice Connolly who wasn't present on the night) of you?
Archie: We're all so completely different there is no rivalry. That's what I enjoy about doing this tour - is the fact that we're all completely different and nobody's stepping on anyone else's toes.

Paddy: It's impossible to tour if you don't get on. It would just be a nightmare, we wouldn't have done a second tour. We're on the second leg and we're enjoying it and hopefully there will be a third one.

Archie: The only thing is Paddy has his own winnebago outside the venue, his own make-up artists, thai lady boys and personal masseur and we're out with all the rest

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Shirlaine Forrest

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