Ozzfest 2001 ( The Second Millennium) - Various Artists

I know its been tough, but help is here I can assure you. It really is time you metal fans from around the world wiped those tears dry. It can't be an easy time for you - what with Slipknot, System Of A Down and Weezer having postponed their tours this year and on top of all this Terrorvision have split us in just a very few months. But the news I bring you will guarantee to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Remember that brilliant time you had at Ozzfest? Watching all your favourite bands? Want a souvenir? You got it!!!

Epic have released "Ozzfest 2001 (The Second Millennium)" featuring the rock legend himself and his old mates Black Sabbath performing "The Wizzard". So called goth god or antichrist superstar Alice cooper clong Brian (sorry, Marilyn Manson) brings his tired ranting and raving to "The Love Song". The never ending touring Papa Roach contribute "Blood Brothers" and the rap, rock racket of Linkin Parks "With You" is also worth a listen. I know its not the same as actually experiencing the festival - moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing, getting totally wasted with your mates and exchanging email addresses with the rock chicks - but until a live DVD or video is released its going to be the next best thing I can assure you.

Back to the music and no amount of make-up can disguise the fact that Mudvayne are just your bog standard metal band with songs as average as they are forgettable. Their "Death Blooms" track confirms this. Their are a lot of bands here i've never heard of but are worth checking out like Drowning Pool, Black Label Society, Nonpoint and American Head Charge. Non-metal fans should check out this album, not just out of curiosity but to broaden their musical horizons. There is bound to be something here for everyone with 16 tracks its a bargain.

Nicholas Paul Godkin