Paradise Lost - Believe In Nothing

It starts off so well.....and then the guitars come in. I think Alice Deejay had the right idea with the hypothesis "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?". Opener "I Am Nothing" is a perfect example with its electronic wizardry hidden under a stodgy lumpen guitar riff. It just sounds so dated, so 80's stadium rock, but after repeated listens you can trace it back to the prog rock off the 70s. Directionless, tuneless drivel which last much longer than it really should.

Perhaps the fact that "Believe In Nothing" sounds like no other current band says more than you'd imagine. Were not talking the work of left-field mavericks ala Mogwai. What we are actually talking about is an album so steeped in boredom and suburban 30 something blues that any influences are lost amongst the drudgery. Paradise Lost are the musical equivalent of an evening of Trisha re-runs.

"Look At Me Now" is perhaps the only track where you can see what inspires millions of Goths the world over. Crunching riffs, pounding drums and sci-fi noodlings courtesy of the synths. Its such an inspired track as is the Led Zep influence on "Divided" and "No Reason". Its a shame because these tracks alone could make a brilliant EP and only go to show what the band is capable of. Paradise Lost are a band who need to look within themselves and ask the question "Do this Still Mean Anything?". It is well reported that vocalist / lyricist Nick Holmes is a a father and perhaps with this added responsibility his priorities have changed. Perhaps the band doesn't mean so much anymore and to blatantly honest this album is nothing more than music for Suburban 30 something couples. Paradise Lost are rocks equivalent of M People.

Alex McCann