Queen Adreena - The Butcher And The Butterfly

The infamous intensity that bubbles over into rage and aggression at gigs between Katie Jane Garside (Vocalist) and Crispin Gray (both formerly protagonists in Daisy Chainsaw) is channelled into manageable tension release and tightness for Queen Adreena’s 3rd album. York’s own Katie Jane utilizes her brusque, provocative and almost metallic vocals to give off a tension blasting feel to a tumultuous sixteen track release, but this in no way detracts from the crafted music on display. The ascending nature of some numbers provides for a provocative and emotive feel, as the vocals and pelting percussion raises the quartet to a feisty level that reaches its summit in ‘Join The Dots’, ‘Wolverines’ and ‘Princess Car Wash’.

The leading lady and head attitude chick shows a soft and sombre side as she turns in a Bjorkesque singing performance in the intriguing and endearing ‘Birdnest Hair’. The whispering vocal subtlety is also prevalent in ‘Childproof’, whereby the lyrics dissect selfishness and provide a philosophical slant in order to allow for a moment of careful contemplation;

 “The girl on the pavement she’s spinning, don’t be long come and get her.
   I need a drink so just forget her, time just slips through my fingers.”

Broadness, diversity, chemistry and catharsis are all bundled together by Queen Adreena to make for one appealing package.

David Adair

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