Queen Adreena - Live At The ICA

Queen Adreena are one of those cultish bands who have been knocking around for years. On the live circuit the main attraction has been the waif like female lead singer KJ Garside who's caused many a ripple of excitement in her legion of male admirers and women who regard her as something of a role model. For the first time ever Queen Adreena are caught live at London's ICA venue.

"Join The Dots" is a bass heavy, gothic lite track with Miss Garside's girly vocals not unlike a young Kate Bush. It's a stripped down sound evoking a brooding atmosphere. At times rocky with a touch of blues this song is reminiscent of PJ Harvey. "F**k Me Doll" (expect plenty of airplay with this one) is a racket with an old skool beat, sweet harmonizing and a throaty lead vocal from Kate who comes across as a British equivalent of Courtney Love.

The tribal drumming on "Suck" is dramatic with the la la la vocal histrionics the antithesis of Kylie's sweet warbling. It's a hypnotic devilish song with a memorable chorus, a vocal full of pain with a Bjorkish temperament.

There's no two ways about it. Queen Adreena are like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. From my glowing review you can rightly assume I love this freakish force of nature known as Queen Adreena and will no doubt be checking them out next time they tour at a venue near me.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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