Raging Speedhorn

Firing dual cylinders with frontmen Frank Regan and John Loughlin are Raging Speedhorn. Forming the band in Corby to avoid being the next in a long line of murder victims, last year has seen them release their debut album; support various acts from Kittie to Amen; get arrested in Spain and throwing rocks at Nazi's. Read the Speedhorns' rock & roll tales below.

Q: Tell us about this rampage over Europe?
A: Basically we were on tour with Amen for these Spanish shows. The night before Casey had jumped up off the drum kit and knocked himself out on a beam. We cancelled the show for the following night and went to this English resort town for the cheap hotel and the cheap wine. At night we went out and it had got to that stage in the tour where we were like "Fuck!! we can't get Guinness anywhere" as you do when you're missing home.

All of a sudden we walked round this corner and there was a sign outside this bar "Sky Sports 1", we went in and there was United Games on and Guinness. Next thing we know the barman said we should try these STV's (basically half a pint of Vodka and Tequila, then half a pint of energy drink), Larkin and Sonny turned up from Amen and after a couple Sonny went back to the bus and warned us "don't let Larkin touch any Spirits". Five minutes later Larkin went to the bar and bought back a tray of Whiskey's, one for everyone.

9 trays later we decide to go back to the hotel to chillout and have a smoke. We go back and they're on the 15th tray or something, just knocking back these whiskeys. Frank started getting out of order so we got him back to the hotel. We were smoking a joint on the balcony and suddenly Frank just picks up a chair and throws it off the roof - we were fucking 8 floors up man!!!

We got back to the bus and the next thing we know the cops turned up going "Somebody says you've been breaking cars, you're all arrested, get in the van". What!!!!! They took us to court, made us pay over a grand for fuck all and let us go.

Q: Apart from getting arrested. How is Europe taking to you as a band?
A: Its really good and in Europe nobody gives a fuck about all this rap / rock stuff. They don't give a fuck where your band comes from or whether your bands a big thing in America. If you're a wicked band they'll go for it. In England you get people standing at the back with their arms crossed - in Europe they'll be down the front moshing and going mad for it.

Q: The first album was very heavy, very violent. Is the second album going to continue that way?
A: Yeah, its all going to get a lot heavier. Were the type of band that would go and twat someone rather than sit in our bedrooms crying. We grew up in Corby and its just a normal place where loads of mad shit happened. People would walk out of pubs less than 150yds from their house and get an axe in theirs head.

A five minute walk away from my house there's a house where some guy got stabbed 72 times, his head chopped of with a spade, microwaved and then hidden in a bush. That's the sort of shit that happens all the time, people will get into fights and get kicked to death - that's happened more than twice in the last year. There was one story that actually got into the main newspapers like the Sun. A girl went to the fair with a mate from school and this gang started picking on her mate, She went "Leave her alone, leave her alone" and they all kicked the shit out her and her mate. That was just 14 year old girls and it all happened because she'd gone out with one of the gangs boyfriends behind her back.

There are other people who have been killed. There was a guy who got kicked to death in a car park over a car and drugs, four of the people who were in my year at school when I was in the 3rd year got sent down for it.

Q: So what's the future for you then?
A: We don't predict the future - we just get really drunken and really stoned - fuck the future!!! Were always going to be heavy, were always going to be drinking and were always going to be smoking. The only reason we started this band was to have a laugh.

The rest of the year. Its simply writing, recording and touring. Its looking really good for us in America - there's this Lawyer who works with Limp Bizkit, Korn and Busta Rhymes who loves us and is out there trying to get us a deal.