Robots In Disguise - Get Rio

New wave rawness and bite is swirled around in a fuzzy and colourful electro machine, epitomising the sumptuous spirit of the Ladytron and Client combining provocateurs, Sue Denim and Dee Plume.  The thrusting vocal interlocking between the two protagonists of this flighty outfit, decorates a tale of annoyance and the dissipation of an art form through ‘The DJ’s Got A Gun’. The murky, but dominant ‘Girl’ drags the contemporary focus on Blondie away from the haven of acting into a modern musical age, by espousing views reminiscent of P J Harvey. Having recently completed a reputation elevating tour of France, Robots In Disguise impart a cosmopolitan and euro flavoured tinge to their electro exploration, with help from the likes of ‘La Nuit’ and ‘Hot Gossip’.

Their British spirit gushes out in the punk flirting ‘The DJ’s Got A Gun (IAMX Shut Up You Dance Remix) and a powerfully channelled, grinding guitar inclusive cover of The Kinks’ song, ‘You Really Got Me’. The potency and provocation of the vocal onslaught is quite intense at times, as you are lured into the web of seedy exposure by the girls' playfulness. ‘Get Rio’ is a well put together mixture of roving beats and synths, coupled with thought provoking lyrics and confident vocal delivery.

David Adair

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