(Rooster - remember Samson and his hair)
Rooster - 53 Degrees Preston - 28.10.06

Cock-a-doodle-do, Rooster are crowing at the top of their voices, remember us? We used to sell out theatres, make regular appearances on TOTP's, Popworld and were featured in Smash Hits weekly. Then we took a well earned break and Mcfly steal our thunder and our fans. These thoughts must surely go through the minds of Rooster who tonight are playing to what spin doctors would call a more select and intimate audience.

The fans are still young and eager with the venue pandering to this age group with the curfew at a time most bands would start at. For the few of you who aren't clued up about Rooster, then listen up and pay attention. They're a poppy rock band with a pretty boy frontman with some hits to their name. Nick Atkins has the girls screaming and swooning like a modern day David Cassidy (ask your dad who he is, I don't have time to explain). his eyes twinkle, he has a colgate smile and a newly shawn locks and basks in the applause and adulation. Guitarist Luke Potashnik preens when he plays, playing to the gallery, living out his fantasy as a rock god for all to worship.

Now on their second album "Circles and Satellites" Rooster showcase their new material, acknowledge their past and throw in a cover for good measure. Rooster have a commercial rock sound, but that's not to say they lack edge. "Staring At The Sun" is a power ballad with real emotional resonance, a former single from yesteryear. "She Don't Make Me Feel" is a real stomper, a party track guaranteed to make the crowd jump for joy. Another slowie "Clear Skies show Rooster as under appreciated songwriters, their feelings laid bare with a naked honesty.

Covering The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" isn't original or inspiring. It's a ballsy rendition, but everyone from Samantha Fox to Britney Spears have recorded their own special version.

Encoring with their breakthrough song "Come Get Some", a kind of bluesy hip hop infused Reef style song has their best riff to date and Rooster squeeze in just one more tune, the wondrous "Good To Be Here", which it is for band and fans alike

Nicholas Paul Godkin
Photos: Karen McBride www.karenmcbride.com

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