The moveable feast (of music) that is the Akoustik Anarchy road tour pulled into the sleepy venue of the Albert Bowling Club for the commercial debut single launch - by Sam  and Me

The bands philosophy is one of "writing beautiful songs and taking them onto the live circuit"  They've succeeded with the latter due to their regular touring with, amongst others, the aA crowd, and they are  working on the former with the release of their "Sonic Boomerang" single on the aA recordings label -

The air of earnest seriousness that can overtake the traditional image of acoustic songwriters, is immediately defused as the duo of Sam Pridell and Rowan Dawes take to the "stage", well, alcove, wearing John McEnroe type headbands and looking remarkably like the blokes from the "118 118" adverts, only this time each of them are holding guitars.

With smiles all around, there's an upbeat feeling generated by their light, jaunty melodies that has the (aA) regulars bouncing along as the bemused (local) regulars peer over from the other side of the bar, whilst the landlord watches on with an air of bemusement as he saw his bar taking quadruple by the transient crowd that can't believe that they are able to get two bottles of Becks for £3.50

With all the efficiency of a flash mob, the aA crowd disperse into the night air, humming the tunes they've just heard, as they make their merry way onto the after show party

Ged Camera -

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