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Is there no end to the talents of the Mumba? Over the past 12 months Samantha Mumba has had numerous top 10 hits with the likes of "Lately" and "Baby Come On Over", took time out for the lead role in Steven Spielbergs flick "Time Machine" and managed to squeeze in a couple of modelling jobs along the way. We managed to grab a few minutes with Ms Mumba at the Smash Hits Tour in Manchester to find out just how she does it all...

Q: The Smash hits tour is like one big Irish Family this year. Yourself, Westlife and last years Best New Tour act Reel. Is it just one big party?
A: You know what...Westlife kept me up to quarter to eight this morning. They're seriously hard-core!!! It was fun and I'm only able to do the two dates this time so you may as well make the most of it.

Q: You seem to be one of the few acts / artists who has actually broken through to the American market. How has it been for you?
A: Its brilliant. Its weird to go out in the streets of America and get recognised...I can't really get over that!!! Its all good though and I've got no complaints.

Q: Are you nervous about "Time Machine" coming out next year?
A: Yeah, a little bit nervous. Its really starting to dawn on me...but its out of my control really. I just want it to come out now...its like waiting for Christmas day when you get excited and you just want to open all your presents.

It was amazing, it was very hard work, but it was great. It was a totally different experience and I couldn't really compare it to anything else. It was great to use your imagination and pretend to be someone else and to watch these professional actors simply acting is genuinely believe they are the character they are playing.

Q: The recent single "Lately". A little bit different from what we've heard from the Mumba?
A: That's my first cover, done originally by a girl group called Divine in the States. It did really well in the States, but they never released it over here and when I heard it I just thought it was a lovely song. Its weird for me not having my dancer behind me because I'm not used to doing ballads.

Q: So what has given you the biggest buzz this year?
A: For me the highlight of of the year has got to be the movie. It was hard because we had every weekend of but each weekend I was off doing photo shoots and trying to keep up with the music side of things. It was really a little bit hectic and I didn't really get a day off so I think if I did it a movie again I would just take time off and not even try and juggle the two.

Steven (Spielberg) is known as a bit of a taskmaster but he has to be that way to get the work done...but I do think he was a little easier on me because I'm his first girl.

Q: Have you started on the second album yet?
A: Yeah, I've started recording it already and I've just got to finish it in the New you can expect it in the shops around March or April. I just wanted to mess around with different sounds this time and take influences from its not just an American album!!!

Q: So what next for Samantha Mumba?
A: There loads of different movie roles that I'd love to get my teeth into. I've got a five album deal so I've got another four albums to make. There's more money in the movies though isn't there!!!

"Lately" is out now in all good record stores
"Time Machine" is out soon. Check local press for details

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