Savage Garden - The Future Of Earthly Delites

You know its that time of year when the Re-Issues / Best Of's / Greatest Hits and Compilation CD's hit the shops. "The Future Of Earthly Delites" offers the usual pre-Christmas requisites, a few of the old faves and a bonus CD of remixes.

The 1st CD is basically the recent "Affirmation" album so we'll skip briefly over that. The title track with its already well known philosophy such as "I believe beauty magazine promote low self-esteem" and "I believe your parent did the best job they knew how to do". Perhaps a little idealistic, but it stands out as one of the bands classic songs and you still find yourself agreeing with the sentiment. Along with "The Best Thing" its one of the few upbeat tracks on this CD, unfortunately "Chained To You" and "The Animal Song" don't count on the grounds of taste.

What Savage Garden do best though is heartfelt ballads. Although "Hold Me" and "I Knew Loved You" may have been chosen as the obvious singles they cannot even touch the masterpieces that are "Two Beds & A Coffee Machine" and "You Can Still Be Free". Bad titles apart, its the songs you look to when vocalist Darren compared the band to U2.

The 2nd CD of remixes is for the main pretty pointless. With 11 remixes which add little or nothing to the original songs you're left wondering whether these would have passed quality control for the 2nd CD single, never mind an album. Xenomania come up trumps on 2 remixes of "Want You", but could we expect less from the genius remixers. The Hani's Num Club remix of "To The Moon & Back" just about passes the test, although its a far cry from some of the other remixes I've heard.

Offering little to the original "Affirmation" album I'd advise any owners of the said album to stay clear. However, if you are still one of the few not to own a Savage Garden album its better than some of the singles suggest.

Alex McCann