Scouting For Girls / Go Audio - 53 Degrees Preston - 9.4.08

Watch out McFly, there are some new kids on the block waiting in the wings and their name is Go:Audio. Young, eager to please and a hit with the screaming teenage girls at the front, Go AUdio specialize in commercial radio friendly pop rock with an 80s feel. The clean cut frontman with a colgate smile is a whirlwind of activity, confident, charming with a strong voice and a charisma to effortlessly work the crowd. "What's Up" rocks the venue while the obligatory ballad "Forget About It" involves arms swaying lighters aloft and mobile phones lit up like a Christmas tree. The three part harmonies and memorable, catchy songs prove their musicianship is top notch. "Made Up Stories" the new single is punchy, immediate and quite edgy for these innocent looking cherubs. The keyboard player who has his own unique silly dance even displays some rather nifty prog rock stylings as the tune reaches its climax. We predict a rosy future for Go Audio who are clearly destined for the big time.

The good times continue with a jovial, excitable atmosphere when Scouting For Girls inspire yet more hysterical and uncontrollable screaming and cheering from the predominantly female crowd. This gig has been sold out for quite a while so expectation is high. Their bouncy, jaunty, summery piano led pop has the spirit of Ben Folds Five and The Supernaturals with the off kilter eccentricities of The Wombats. Frontman Roy Stride is a charming, witty and endearing guy who with his bandmates loves every single moment of being on stage. His voice is still a little hoarse after postponing a few gigs due to throat problems but nothing can dampen his spirit or poison his joy. Whether engaging in a spot of harmless banter with the fans, pounding away at his keyboard or bounding around the stage, Roy always remains a natural star full of charisma. THe set list is a treasure trove of album tracks, singles, b sides and a cover.

Kicking off with the stomp-a-thon that is "Holiday" Scouting For Girls never let up. An acoustic version of "Nobody Does It Better" sets the scene perfectly for their ode to the gentlemen spy himself "James Bond". "Mountains Of Navaro" takes us to the magical realm and animated fantasy world of He Man and friends. B side "A Level Pain" has Scouting For Girls coming over all heavy metal as they are tormented in an environment of revision hell.

Living by the motto of saving the best to last SFG end a magnificent set with their breakthrough hit "She's So Lovely". For many their return to Preston next year cant come too quickly

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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