Various Artists - Music Inspired By The Film "Scratch"

If you underestimate the power of the DJ take a look around your local friendly newsagent and you'll find that the dance magazines outnumber the traditional rock magazines at about a rate of 2:1. Likewise its worth noting that turntables now outsell guitars, and while many of those sold will be bought with the misguided impression that a set of decks means you can be the next Paul Oakenfold or Danny Rampling, there is a growing street culture amongst the hip-hop community that music means freedom.

This album takes the view from the point of the DJ in hip-hop form and in truth is nothing more than an advertisement for the film With guest spots from the likes of the X-Ecutioners, Rob Swift and Mixmaster Mike its an allstar cast, but what really lets it down is the form of scratching itself. Its like a guitarist using the guitar as an extension of his manhood and spending an hour marvelling in the glory of his own self professed talent.

The 14 tracks on display here are broken up by interludes from Afrika Bambaataa, D J Shadow, Jazzy Jay and Cut Chemist which are at times more interesting than the actual tracks themselves. With MixMaster Mike recalling the days when he first saw Grandmaster DXT and Herbie Hancock on TV which set him on the path he walks today and Jazzy Jay explaining the very first days of Afrika Bambaataa's early days back in the hood it certainly makes a great advertisement for the documentary with was the a massive success in the 2001 Sundance Film Festival.

"Music Inspired By The Film Scratch" is strictly for the hardcore fans of hip-hop, but if reports are to be believed the film is damn near essential for anyone who shows a passing interest in hip-hop or street culture. Watch out for its commercial release later in the year and remember to keep checking out for further details.

Alex McCann

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