Seemless - Seemless  (Equal Vision)

Scorching guitars and drilling percussion set alight a fuse of release amongst the listeners and band alike, as this bracing debut album from Massechusetts’ metalcore colliding with post grunge quartet that boasts former members of Killswitch Engage, Overcast and Shadows Fall possesses the potential to blast your inhibitions to Valhalla. The thrashing Killswitch Engage and splash of Spineshank instrumentals, coupled with the longing Layne Staley peppered with the spice of James Hetfield vocals of Jesse David provide passion and intensity. This is evidenced in ‘The Wanderer’ that drills into your mind with piercing precision a message endorsing the pursuit of soul searching;

 “The Shadow that’s lost carries a burden. Cursed to roam. There’s a whispering in mind.
   This road will lead you down into your heart. Into your soul.”

The at times, darkly frenetic mood that reaches pressure point in the raucously rasping ‘The Crisis’ and the thumping ‘Lay My Burden Down’, is mollified in the enchanting acoustic led  instrumental simmer down, as the band subtly invites you to have a short period of reflection. A polished and emotive debut is brought to a conclusion with an intriguing foray into the live Seemless sound with an emotive rendition of ‘Maintain’.

David Adair

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