Shed 7 - Manchester Academy 1 - 8.12.07

Some bands should never bother. Those bygone icons, legends that defined a time will undoubtedly one day reform to shatter the delusional image we once upheld. Those pricks who hark-on for the Stone Roses should remain in denial, having probably never witnessed the live atrocity, that was the roses (post second coming), they’ll be floored at their maniacal wield of what was delicately committed to record. There are exceptions, those who witnessed the Led Zeppelin reunion im sure would agree, but on the whole ‘legends’ should curb any inkling to re-form at conception.

However, for every legend there are teams of fucked up, deluded rock-stars aching for an ounce of talent to peddle our way, the majority of which are (thankfully) held at arms length and never allowed to see the light. A technique half the nation employed to Shed 7, whilst the remainder, unashamedly, clutched at Witter for greatness. The latter were royally beaten for lack of music integrity, yet in retrospect and on tonight’s performance there may well be cause for rebellion.

Where once Witter’s status was shadowed by the Gallagher’s, now there are little comparisons in the anthemic lager bands, maybe the Enemy are all that remains of that bygone age. Which is why this tour is timed to perfection. It makes you realise what we lack.
Tonight theyre not amazing but they do have some great tracks. Witter, for all his faults has an undeniable presence and the band still are as non-descript as ever, a must with all top-heavy groups. It’s the greatest hits from start to finish, from the anthemic Going For Gold and Chasing Rainbows to the gratingly awkward Disco-down and Speakeasy. Its all about guilty pleasures, a reason why some reformations work.

Daniel Pratley

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