Seven - Left Luggage At The Peveril Hotel

The eloquently honest Nottingham formed Six. By Seven returns with what was originally a limited edition album available only to lucky people who peruse their website. However, it soon became clear that this number that niftily utilises cruising guitars needs to be more widely available. Opener ‘Around’ oozes feeling, as with the aid buzzing guitars and soulful repetition of the song title the band cover the topic of going your separate ways and losing contact with an ever present in your life (for them it was bassist Paul Douglas who vacated the band) with aplomb.

It is strange to recall that Seven have been going since 1996 and are now on their seventh studio album. This maybe due to the fact that this Chris Olly fronted outfit have never been constrained to a set sound, they have always kept critics and fans guessing with each release. ‘Left Luggage At The Peveril Hotel’ is an intriguing concept in that it is a conglomeration of songs and demos that were penned during the recording of their ‘04’ album, but never quite found a place in the starting line up. There is a cunning mixture of ambient instrumentals and an art rock feel to standout track; ‘Bring Down The Government’ that combines romance with a splash of insurrection borne out in the yearning Jimi Goodwin-esque vocals of Olly;
 “Put your hand in my hand; Put your trust in me;
   bring down your love on me.”

This twelve track dazzler is as good an insight into the process of album making then any ego massaging documentary on VH1.

David Adair

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