Slaves to Gravity – Manchester Roadhouse – 1.8.08

Its unusual to be at a show so early but at tonight’s Manchester venue, The Roadhouse, the doors have been moved to 6pn to accommodate for the younger age group that may be in attendance tonight. Surprisingly though, as you walk into the venue the audience is sufficiently older in age, so far to say they wouldn’t need ID to buy alcohol. Another abnormality with tonight’s small venue show is that there are only the 2 touring bands Slaves to Gravity and Brigade on the bill, with not even a local support band. Some may see the ticket price as rather extortionate for only 2 bands however looking at the set times its clear that tonight’s audience are in for some decent length set times from some quality touring bands.

Slaves to Gravity hit the stage with ‘Heaven is a Lie’, the opening track from their recently released album ‘Scatter the Crow’. The thumping bass line kicks in and you know this song is about to explode. As the rest of the band come in the audience are treated to some serious in your face rock and roll from some serious musicians. Most probably unbeknown to most of tonight’s audience Slaves to Gravity have already had plenty of experience on the touring circuit as 3 of the 4 members were in a band previously called the Ga Ga’s and this experience shows. Slaves to Gravity definitely known how to put on a fantastic rock show, with riffs a plenty but melodies to boot with note perfect 3 part vocal harmonies all whilst managing to climb onto the speaker stacks to politely get in the audiences face. The band play a mammoth set with tracks from their recently released album ‘Scatter the Crow’; My Poor Hand, Mr Regulator, Doll Size, Big Red, Pluto and closing with Burning Robe, each song a perfectly crafted melodic rock anthem. It is obvious the band have a lot of heart for the music they write and record and explain this to the audience as they appear to have done everything on their own backs.

It is such a shame that Slaves to Gravity aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Maybe with all the American styled bands at the moment there is no room for a talented British rock act. If more people could witness them live I am sure they could craft a large devoted fan base.

Words/Picture: Mark Forrer

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