Sleigh Bells - Deaf Institute, Manchester - 24.1.11

New Yorkers Alexis Krauss and guitarist Derek E Miller, also known as Sleigh Bells finally role on stage at the Deaf Institute nearly half an hour late, but the general consensus of the rapturous crowd was that the raw super sonic sound they delivered was worth the heat soaked wait.

Signed to MIA’s NEET label the band are already surrounded by hype and Krauss’s live performances are memorizing but while they may be talented recording artists live they do rely on electronics a little too much.

While Miller has produced with precision and expertly played all of the plethora of sounds on their debut ‘Treats’, live he is lacking in a job role as the majority of riffs are thanks to backing tracks. While Krauss happily take the majority of the pulsating audiences attention as she shakes and vibrates for the crowd, howling out vocals, again she is supported by a backing track of her own voice.

Mild cheating aside they put on an awesome show, with track after ear hammering track, which is enhanced by the wall of speakers towering over them. Time will tell if they have the longevity to produce an equally exciting second album or embrace breaking free from the backing tracks

Jo Lowes

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