Sons & Daughters - Club Academy Manchester - 9.2.08

Not so long ago one band meant that we looked to one city, Oasis did it for Manchester, more recently the Arctic Monkey’s did it for Sheffield, and yes there was a point (hard to believe) when all eyes were on Glasgow for the next Franz Ferdinand.

Since then of course the dandy days of Kapronos and co have long disappeared, but along with their tiresome ‘legacy’ a few bands remained from the Glasgow fanfare of the period. Sons and Daughters are one such band, once snapping at the heels of stardom, the rabble barely receive a nod of existence nowadays, confined to feed off their once promising past. Maybe this is starting to sound like a miserable tale, but in-fact justice may have been served, as they have regressed into somewhat of a pastiche of themselves. Where once their battle style drone of tracks like ‘Fight’ sounded effortless and almost fresh, now their writing sounds tired and forced. New album ‘The Gift’ is testament to this and their awkward stab at pop ‘Darling’ is hideously offensive considering their once glittering former stance and stinks of Sophie Ellis Bextor style fakery. They are still energetic, lead singer Adele for one stalks the stage acidicly venomous whilst peppering her performance with delicate honeyed tones. But for all their faults its hers that are the most glaring. She, much like Katce from the Long Blondes is the central pull, that star talent that draws us in, however there is a very A-level and amateur feel, that will never escape either of them. Its their delivery, eager and over stylised and mildly abhorrent. As always Johnny Cash salvages an ounce of credibility, but it’s not enough,

Glasgow has had its glory, it’s a shame Sons and Daughters never did.

Dan Pratley

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