Q: How did Soulwax get together?
A: My brother and I have been together from day 1 and we just met the rest through school. We've been friends forever growing up in Belgium. There's actually a lot of good indie bands coming from Belgium at the moment, there's a lot going on in our home town Gunt as far as Fashion, theatre and there's a lot of creativity in Belgium. There's nothing really special about the name, it just sounds good.

The UK music scene's less adventurous, bands tend to do what other bands have done before. In Belgium its really hard to make any money from it so we make music for the love of music because we know we can't make any money out of it, whereas in the UK you can see bands producing certain types of music for money.

Q: There's been a lot of reports about your varied musical influences, what are the main one's?
A: Anything you do or hear influences you, I might listen to a really bad Steps or Aqua record and that might influence me as to how not to do it. We listen to loads of records, watch a lot of movies and read so many books - its just so hard to tell the main ones.

We know all our classics which range from the Beatles, Bowie, Led Zeppelin and everything from the 60's, 70's & 80's; but were also very much aware of what's going on now - we are record store freaks. I didn't really have one big idol growing up, its just changed throughout my life. I've had a Motown period, techno period, hip hop period and a really big blues period. I've been through different stages and that's how you get influences.

The first record I bought was "Rat Rappin" by Roland Rat

Q: You're massive in Europe, have you got any obsessive fans?
A: I have had because we never really thought of getting a private telephone number and not getting your address listed. I had young girls calling all the time but once you talk to them they don't do it anymore. I think its something that comes with success but its not really a hassle once you let the fans know your one of them.

Q: The new album "Much Against Everyone's Advice" - tell us a bit about it?
A: I would say there all really good songs and while recording and demoing the songs we just tried different arrangements and productions on them. That means that sometimes we use hip hop beats and other times we use samples, regular guitars or violins. It just depends on what the songs ask for. People describe it as being really eclectic but I just see it as an album with good songs, every song on there was written on a piano or an acoustic guitar and we just messed around with it?

Q: The live shows feature a Backstreet Boys song and a Prince cover version. What's all this about?
A: The Backstreet Boys bit is only about 10 seconds in the middle of a whole song. It was just a part in one song and melody fitted for "Backstreets Back", its a stupid joke but people really like it. We do Prince because were all really big fans, its a song called "Pop Life" and very few people know its a Prince song.

We also wear suits in the live show as it figures that if people pay to see you then you might as well give a good show. When people go home they go WOW, it was great show but there was something to look at. It started off from the suits and it went onto neon light stands and a big backdrop.

Q: If you had to describe Soulwax to aliens what would you say?
A: Soulwax is what you get when Prince jams with Led Zeppelin. Not Prince now or Page & Plant but back in the old days.

Soulwax debut album "Much Against Everyone's Advice" is Out Now in all good record stores
Catch them on the UK Festival circuit this summer