Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Origin Volume One

Nordic rock giants The Soundtrack Of Our Lives are back with their forth album "Origin Volume One". The guys may have attracted the likes of Jane Birkin on the track "Midnight Children", but for the majority of the time it's business as usual on their finest album to date.

"Transcendental Suicide" is the sound of a crisp, bright Autumn morning with a very pleasant acoustic strum and the gentle cry of bird song. Then like an unexpected gust of wind the drums, guitar, and keyboards crash and holler with the utmost urgency. It comes across like The Who at their most immediate and anthemic. Ebbot Lundberg has a throaty, croaky hoarse voice with the menace of Liam Gallagher and the rock n roll debauchery of Lemmy. It may be old school, but when it's this grandiose who the hell cares. The chorus is vintage Oasis with the like "We're gonna last forever" most appropriate. Step forward Ian Person and Mattias Barjed who on their respective guitars go hell for leather with some classic riffs. Like the Darkness, but with balls steel.

TSOOL elevate "Mother One Track Mind" to a higher level of undiluted anger. The melody is most welcome with Martin Hedroes on Keyboards lightening the mood a little. The lyrics are harsh, but true to life. The genius of singing "She wants to destroy all your families" show the honest and courage this band has. On "Lone Summer Dream" the inclusion of brass and a less confrontational approach makes this track a mellow treat. It's optimistic bonhomie puts one in mind of a less evangelical Polyphonic Spree. With shades of Super Furry Animals and The Beach Boys this ambitious track proves to be utterly adorable.

"Song For The Others" is a joy to behold. This lovely piano piece is beautifully played alongside a worth and emotional vocal. Not unlike The Beatles at their Strawberry Fields best. Another unforgettable and hypnotic track all the better for it's sheer simplicity.

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives have surpassed themselves. This is a work to be proud of and it deserves to be heard. Bereft of macho posturing and pomposity these songs have stature and maturity, but rock so hard you'll need a good lie down and a stiff drink to calm your nerves.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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