Space Raiders

When the option came through to interview this band it was one I accepted hesitantly. I heard of their reputation first hand and foolishly I thought "Its only 4pm, surely they can't be intoxicated just yet". True to form they arrive via the Students Union bar the worse for wear. Here follows the edited highlights where they talk about recent album "Hot Cakes", the legendary live shows and the drunken ramblings of mad men.

Mark on the new album Hot Cakes and Richard & Judy:
"Each track is like a different cream cake or general cake, they've all got their own little flavour too them. You've got your Fondant Fancies, delicate tart, delicate meringue, chocolate eclair, rock buns. There's quite a lot if rock buns on there.

We recorded it in our front room so were always up in time for Richard & Judy, once that finishes we switch the computers on. These 2 would go on it but Richard is the Devil. Judy's got a great pair even if she does look like an alcy."

Martin on the Daryll Hannah party:
"We've matured, we've been practising. Were doing to have a fondue tonight, a fondue and a half. We've only done 3 gigs on and off, had a couple of large parties. We had launch party with Daryll Hannah from Splash, she was at this club looking at the fellas privates through this one way mirror thing. It sounds fabulous and its completely true, loads of Celebs - Alan Davies, Mani etc."

Martin on the move to Brighton:
" Were doing the same things in Brighton as we did in Middlesborough. Getting pissed, loads of drugs and sitting in the front room with day time telly"

Mark on touring with Moby:
" Moby stole our batteries, his face looks just like Tony Slatterys. Moby's shit!!!!!! He nicked the battery from our little friend, the robot, to power up his walkman because he wanted to chill out on the tour bus. He was horrible and wouldn't let us smoke in the dressing room"

Martin on the mad American tour:
"We had one bed between the 3 of us so I don't remember much, we had a bunk once every 3 nights. We got stalked by a psychopath in New Orleans, he was following us in this mall as they're called in America - he was just this mad tramp.

Mark on England and Lisa Stansfield beard:
"England's the place for me. I've been all over the world and I like England the best. Which reminds me of Lisa Stansfield, she had a beard as well last time she was on TV"

"Hot Cakes" Is Out Now